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Enjoying time outdoors means having reliable and durable accessories for outdoor elements. Whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or long hours of sitting are involved, Sport-Brella’s line of outdoor umbrellas, shelters, chairs, and more will make your outdoor experience delightful. There are endless ways that Sport-Brella can improve your outdoor experience. Browse and shop all of Sport-Brella’s products online today.

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Sport-Brella Umbrellas & Shelters

Portable outdoor furniture is essential when sitting on the sideline of sporting events or along the waterline during a fishing excursion. Outdoor umbrellas built to withstand wind and sun are important for beach time, camping, and even barbequing.
Each outdoor umbrella and shelter is designed with exclusive features to make sure shade is optimized. The fabric selected for the umbrella canopy is proven to have protection from the sun with a UPF shade coverage of 50+. Durability is also important in the Sport-Brella design process. Continue to use the outdoor umbrellas season after season with ripstop fabric canopies.

Sport-Brella Portable Outdoor Furniture

No matter if it is rain or shine, Sport-Brella has your comfort in mind with special design features. The Sport-Brella designs often include waterproof pockets for your belongings. It can be a relief to have all of your loose items stored with your outdoor umbrella or chair.
Additionally, many Sport-Brella products are lined with mesh. This allows for air flow through the furniture. That can mean strategically opening zippered windows to control air flow through the umbrella or a mesh panel back of a chair to allow drip drying after a dip in the water.